lorraine curran-vu


Here you are again.
All too familiar to me

Not on cat‘s paws,
But rather on lion‘s claws
Digging into me, not letting go.

No invitation
You just come bounding in

You lurk around
You hang around
You threaten

You take over
And over
And over
And over

When will you leave, I ask
How do I get rid of you, I ask

No one invited you
You are not welcome here
And yet you come
You persist
You come and you stay
And stay and stay and stay

You are not an old friend
You are not an invited guest
You are not welcome here.
And yet you come
And you stay


© Lorraine Curran-Vu

Lorraine Curran-Vu writes personal essays and occasionally dabbles in poetry. She is active in three writers groups in Zurich and attends workshops as part of the Geneva Writers Group. Her work has appeared in an alumnae magazine, newsletters, and an expat magazine.