lyndsay lomax

lockdown limericks

Trapped in, locked down for so many days,
Time races by in a terrifying haze.
I stay put at home
Where I try not to moan,
But my waist’s expanding out sideways.

How, oh how, do I stop touching my face?
My nose, my neck, all over the place?
This can’t be right
Am I losing the fight?
My paws and my kisser need space.

Right now I have a compulsion to bake:
Scones, teacakes, Victoria sponge cake.
My oven’s losing power.
I’m running out of flour.
And those macarons were an epic mistake.

© Lyndsay Lomax

Originally from North West England, Lyndsay is an avid reader, baker and sports fan. When she is not pursuing one of her many hobbies, she can be found laughing at her own jokes.