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A Swiss native and Celtic spirit with a New York family,  Susan Platt is a multilingual communications professional, business executive, language and tech nerd with a global mindset. In true polymath style, she typically juggles a multitude of projects at any given point in time with dozens of open tabs in her mental browser.

She is a board member and contributor to online cultural magazine The Woolf  and has written, ghostwritten and edited for several publications in English, German, French and Italian.

D.B. Miller is an American writer who has been living on the Continent since 1995. With dark humor and a slight edge, she writes about the themes that move her most: disenchantment, alienation and the obliterating power of live music.

Her essays, short stories and offbeat profiles have appeared in Litro, Split Lip Magazine, NBHAP, The Weeklings and The Woolf. She was also interviewed by Words With Jam. She writes for others too but, as the expression goes, that’s another story.