franziska spitzli


© 2020, Franziska Spitzli, Otherplace

Life is grey,
a blur really,
one day melts into another.

But wait, there are memories,
memories not tainted with every day’s struggles.

Memories of long walks with my family in the Swiss Mountains,
memories of sand under my feet and the Southern Alps not too far away.

I am neither here nor there,
memories begin to blur,
one memory melts into another,
but what remains are its vivid colours,
its beauty.

Memories, my otherplace, that warm my heart
in these rather odd times!

© Franziska Spitzli

Franziska Spitzli was born in 1981 and raised in a little village in the Zurich ‘Oberland’ in Switzerland. After finishing school, she spent an exchange year in New Zealand, worked as an attorney’s assistant and is now a homemaker with two little kids. She enjoys making art, writing and reading.